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A Beginning

May 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

21st of May, 2017


I'm so new to ZenFolio that I haven't put up any money yet.  

Last week I pulled the plug, so to speak, on my website whose intricacies had bugged me to a point where I had lost interest. I began looking for something better and came upon ZenFolio. I downloaded it, played with it, decided that it had promise and booked a forty minute, free, consult a couple of days hence (is that word still used?).  That interactive consult, with Cheryl in North Carolina (without the fuzzy slippers), went well and now, forty-eight hours later it seems that I (sort of) know what I'm doing.

I'm a slow learner and ZenFolio seems nearly straight forward.  There are a few twists and turns. Perhaps it's my screen viewing habits that are lax, but I seem to miss things with an obscured presentation. I've figured it out but don't yet know how deep the nesting will go.  My guess is that for it to have appeal to commercial photographers, it has to go very deep. The hierarchy is Groups, Galleries, and Collections. We can put Groups within Groups, Galleries within Galleries.  Collections within what?  I'll have to check. (note to self - study more on collections).

New Information. Groups within Groups within Groups without limit. There can be as many Galleries within Groups as desired and as many images within a gallery as desired - No Galleries within Galleries.  No Collections within Collections.

The templates are excellent and fairly flexible - perhaps more so than I, as yet, know. But, even if not, I think that JenFolio will work for me.

I enjoy museum photography and being able to link the photo to a blog post offers definite advantages - and if the blog could link either back or out, that would be nearly a dream come true. I hope no one stands up and shouts: "Where have you been?"

Some questions remain, but this seems like a home-coming.





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